Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian

1.  Jack : Hi, Lisa, how are you?

Lisa   : …And you?

Jack : I’m OK.


a.  How do you do?

b.  Fine, thanks.

c.  Goodbye.

d.  Yes, I am.

2.  Ratna : Ana, this is Wulan. Wulan, this is Ana.

Ana    : How do you do?

Wulan : ……


a.  I’m fine, thanks.

b.  How are you?

c.  How do you do?

d.  What do you do?

3.  Noval : I have to go now. Nice to meet you, Zahra.

Zahra : …, Noval.


a.  Bye

b.  You are nice

c.  Nice to meet you, too

d.  You make me happy

4.  Alex     : What’s your. ….?

Rehan : My name’s Rehan.


a.  job

b.  name

c.  address

d.  school

5.  Roy  : Where are you from?

Rini  : …..


a  I’m Ivan.

b.  How do you do?

c.  My name’s Ivan.

d.  I’m from Palangkaraya.

6.  Ted  :  What do you do?

Ben  : …..


a.  I’m a student.

b.  He’s a teacher.

c.  I’m fine, thank you.

d.  He’s from Semarang.

7.  Rudi : ….. It’s disgusting.

Lila   : Calm down. It’s just a caterpillar.


a.  What is it?

b.  How are you?

c.  Where are you?

d.  What are you doing?

8.  Laura           : Hello, Maemunah. Are you coming to the English Club this afternoon?

Maemunah : Yes, I’m coming to the club this afternoon.

Laura           : OK, then. See you there. Bye.

Maemunah : …..


a. OK.

b. Bye.

c. Hello.

d. Good morning.

9.  Ron   : What do you usually do after school?

Jack  : I usually…..


a.  have lunch

b.  take a vacation

c.  have breakfast

d.  wake up at six

10. Look at the picture.


Dwi      : What can we do in the library?

Farrah : …..


a.  We can read books and use thecomputers.

b.  We must read books and watch films.

c.  We can read books, watch films, and use the computers.

d.  We must not use the computers, but we can read the books.

11.  Smith : ………………

Anto  :  At 10 PM


a.  What do you usually do before sleeping?

b.  What time do you usually go to bed?

c.  When do you usually have breakfast?

d.  What do you usually do at night?

Complete the following dialog to answer questions  12 and 13


Todung  :  What’s the matter with you?

Mulya    :  (12) …….

Todung  :  You should go to the  sickbay.

Mulya    :  You are right. But where?

(13) …….

Todung  :  Sure. It’s next to the principal’s office.

Mulya    :  Thanks.

12.  a.  I’m starving

b.  I’m very sleepy

c.  I’ve got a stomachache

d.  I like my new shirt

13.  a.  Can you tell me where it is ?

b.  Are you going there ?

c.  What is it ?

d.  Is it here ?

Complete the following dialog to answer questions  14 and 15


Mother   :  Salma, why are you still awake?

Salma    :  I’m working on my assignment, Mom.

Mother   :  Alright, but (14) ……..

Salma    :  Ok, Mom. Good night.

Mother   : (15) ……., sweetheart.

14.  a.  go to bed late

b.  go to bed tomorrow

c.  don’t go to bed too late

d.  you can go to bed later

15.  a.  Good evening

b.  Good morning

c.  Good night

d.  Goodbye

16.  Look at the picture


The correct greeting at the time of the day is …..

a.  Good morning

b.  Good afternoon

c.  Good evening

d.  Good night

17.  When we meet somebody at 5 PM, we greet him…..


a.  Good morning

b.  Good afternoon

c.  Good evening

d.  Good night

18.   Koko  :  Excuse me. Do you know where Mr. Ali’s house is?

Cici    :  …………It is next to the market.


a.  Oh, I see

b.  Of course

c.  Thank you

d.  You are right

19.  Andi   : Can I borrow your sharpener?

Eka    :  Sure. here it is

Andi   :  Thank you

Eka    : ……..


a.  Don’t mention it

b.  Yes, I do

c.  I’m sorry

d.  Ok

20. Teacher  :  What’s the matter?

Basir        :  I’m sorry, ma’am. I broke the  vase.

Teacher  :  ……….


a.  That’s too bad. But that’s OK.

b.  please accept my condolences.

c.  You’re welcome.

d.  Don’t mention it.


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